ABF Study plan

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ABF Study plan

Study Plan

Klubb Vida Sana for autumn 2019

ABF house Sveavägen 41 at 18 30 – 20 15

We meet twice a week and go through different themes to better equip us in the new era. It is a new time we live in and systems and roads that have previously worked are no longer reliable. We have lecturers who come in online via video conferencing as expert advice in themes around the Holistic man.

Themes we address under the circle are

How we relate to the new technology in work context;

What is passive income

How, what and why. We connect with KlubbLifeStyle see more HERE

Side Income

Net work

Personal marketing

ED Tech 

Build Your Blog For Personal Marketing 

We learn google systems

We practice IT in the course by having the video meetings, we use tablets, laptop, mobiles to be connected


We work in Mastermind, each meeting we connect OnLine with our international team at a video conference.

We use a manual from Books (personal development)  we follow a chapter at a time;

EI Emotional Intelligence to Work in the New Age (Goleman)

Personal development and goals

Emotional turn of the century, what and how?

Social entrepreneurship

Get ready for better social skills

The course is led by Dr. Jorge Garcia Santos and his team and Hannika Oberg

Teachers and project managers within the framework of Social and Corporate Innovative solutions together with technological opportunities that are made visible during the course.

The course ended in May 2019 and continues in September 2019. Welcome into our community  Online or if you are in Stockholm.

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