My Way of Sharing


My name is Hannika Oberg. I have done various things in life and studying is for me a good thing; I have therefor varios areas where I work.

I´m a social entrepreneur, teacher, coach writer and a founder of Bbeabridge Non Profitable Organisation and President of Klubb Vida Sana Sweden. I share what I consider for me the Best. My CV here

It is said that we, as humans, should have children, plant a tree and write a book. I have three children, planted some trees and wrote some books. Now is the time to help others go faster. What I can, I can also teach. I have always been curious and wanted to learn things therefore I have been able to study some also. Here I tell you a little about it so that you can know what I can help you with.
I have some teacher degree in language and DPP Digital Pedagogisk Produktion.

… My dream has been to become a writer, now I have published my books. I like and write film scripts and have written two feature films that I published on Amazon and some short films. If life is long, I would love to work with video and film. I have made some short films mostly on fun. You can find me on Youtube;

My heart is passionate about making a difference and improving the world, therefore I started with some to make up a nonprofit organization in 2012. Bbeabridge. I have taken on the task of spreading Klubb Vida Sana to the World, Dr. Jorge Garcia Santos is the founder. He is a doctor and something of a genius. A wise and good man and doctor who have understood that we humans feel best if we develop holistically. Together with a team we have developed a training program for those who wish to seek Holistic Joy and Success.
DeVi Coaching is one of my Passions, seeing people in development is so fun. We also create Event and some travel and other fun for our members. If you haven’t been a member yet, I think you should contribute EUR 10 so we can do more for more.
I work in areas such as Mandala, MasterMind, Coaching, Social Entrepreneurship, Personal Development, Holistic Coaching and also Language coaching and to some extent as teachers online in themes around ED Tech for those who want some help with websites or other around IT, school or for personal use. You can book a time HERE
If you want to contact me, write the best one line;