Klubb Vida Sana

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Klubb Vida Sana WEBB PRESS HERE   A Non Profitable Organisation. You find us in Spain with our founder Dr Jorge Garcia Santos, in Sweden, in Ecuador, in Mexico. Do you want to open a Klubb Vida Sana in your Country. Contact is and we see what we can do. Planning 2019 press here

Our Goal is to fill the World with Happy People. We let everyone Join us as a Member as long as we share Values in five Words; HOLISTIC, HEALTH, HARMONY, OPENESS, RESPECT FOR OTHERS AND ONESELF.

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Team Klubb Vida Sana is a group entrepreneurs with Holistic Prosperity in mind, heart looking for FREEDOM from lack of healty, conflicts and lacks. Through our Education system around five areas we achieve Functional Freedom. MORE INFO Press Here

Klubb Vida Sana; Nr fiscal; 802505-6584  Stockholm Suecia.

Bank giro; 476-3561  Swish; 1234400131  +45760544974