MultiMember BOOK Here

As a Member you Join us by contacting us and paying 10 Euros a year. Once you have fullfilled your part we welcome you into our community.

We only need an Email adress and the member fee.

Education is an important part as we are moving into a World with high developed Technology but with less and less work for humans. We have DeVi Coaching with Bbeabridge and Holistic Coaching with Klubb Vida Sana. As a member you recieve a big discount on the coarses and some of them are for free for members.

Our Vision is to use the membership fee to pay to location where we have the coarses and pay teachers and coaches. At times there will hopefully be possible to establish a fixed House where we can invite members and not members for better understanding the time we are living and Create what we call University of Joy.

Our Vision is to help members start Bbeabride or Klubb Vida Sana organisations in more Countries and also local clubbs where we support each others and form Brotherhood and Systerhood movements.

Can you see our Vision and Mission

We will need you and your friends if you want to form part of being an active member. This is the Start but not the End.

Reko Retreat Press HERE is a side project that we start in Spain and Sweden where our members can come and Join our Community of like minded others.

We collaborate with GARBI.CLUB and have activities with University of Joy for members in Klubb Vida Sana and Bbeabridge. 

Welcome to take part of important discounts for members in both Boarding and Menu at Garbi Club Cadaques