Perfect Business

Are you interested to be in my team of entrepreneurs. I believe I have a very cool Business to show you.

There are certain things we look for when we look for a business opportunity. We don´t want to lead the others to a place where there might not be future. There are certain things we must look for;

Revenue of this company;

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95% of all business do not last the first 5 years in business, it´s the same in this branch. Therefor I think it is good if the company you decide to market have more than 10 years

Another is how much money go to the marketers. Have a look for yourself. In this branch about 90% give up and become happy customer, 5 % do an important extra money and 5 % do a real good living on this branch.

How much time have you got for learning is something important to have a look at.

It does not exist getting rich for nothing. You have to learn in three different areas. About the market, about the company and about yourself.

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