Plan 2019

My Way of Sharing

Here you can see basically some of the activities we have on our Goal and wish list for 2019.

500 new members every month in 2019 We offer you a Free membership and lots of benefits. You can find more info by pressing HERE

Courses with collaboration between ABF in Holistic Health and DeVi Coaching and Modern ways to make money in the new era during the project “What about the future ways?” Mondays and Thursdays at 18 00 20 00 Sveavägen 41 Stockholm. We have fullfilled this with good result and will continue twice a week autumn 2019 as well

Reko Retreat organizes a few meetings in Spain for the small group of deep divers who love to know more, a special journey for special members. From Barcelona week ten Thursday in Barcelona Airport until Sunday four days later at the same airport. Book HERE This will take part with special focus on people who are interested in Spain, spanish language and culture as well as open up to new opportunities at hand.

Join us in Santiago Compostella Spain as a pilgrim or happy amateur. We work with members and friends to record a happy documentary along the way. The 26th June we start, if you are interested, you will find all relevant info on our member pages. Not a member yet, contact us, send your email and we will invite you to our member pages where you can meet other members and get more information.

Culture Event in 2019 / We have created a music video with youth.

We will have Mandala meetings where we paint with artists and members and friends and acquaintances.

We will have Mastermind groups online in 2019. We set goals each and every one but together it is easier to reach our dreams, 2019.

We also have ED Tech for us as members who want to make our own blog but need some support and help.

We have Meetings on Silja Line together with Klubb Vida Sana and Holistic Klubb Lifestyle and educate leaders in the five different spheres that exist around all people.

We will meet our Ambassadors on occasions and have activities together in 2019. Dagny Carlsson and Therése Neaimé are our ambassadors for Bbeabridge International.

We have a planned Music video together with Dagny Carlsson on our schedule.

Multimember is everyday getting more and more benefit and our plattform is getting better and better. We are waiting for you to Join us! Welcome!