My Way of Sharing

Hi there Welcome to my Blogg: Here I talk about things I love!

I love LIFE!  Its never without meaning. Ups and downs. We can always choose how we look upon our obstacle. I choose to see them as opportunity to get more skilled and stronger.

You might know me as a Coach. Teacher or a Writer or something else.:

The thing is I love is developing and Sharing. I love using Balance in Life. To be Spiritual and Business minded. Entrepeneur and Social activ. I´m a founder of N.P.O Bbeabridge and promote another Non Profitable Organisation called Klubb Vida Sana. We Collaborate alot. I believe it is good to do your best. Withdraw the best version of ourself. The more we show and have the more we can do for others!

As an Innovative Soul I love Network Marketing. I also love learning. Do you know that the World has changed and we now have to accept and understand that work for future is based on Performance. We will no longer be paid for our time. Have you noticed. That´s why I also share information that can help us grow in this understanding and area. Thank you very much for your time and Have fun! Yours sincerly Hannika

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