Work 2019

My Way of Sharing

Hello and welcome to my homepage in English

As I consider you an important person in my life I have a question for you;

I have had a Vision that it is this year it must happen. I have to get the team together and expand the Vision and help more people.

I have started to work with my Goals on a daily basis and I have seen that it is important to get the team together. So it’s time to learn to fly higher. Do you want to join me making you and me having positive real results for us and the others 2019?

I would love if we can do this together.

Tell me when you have time for a mastermind hour by booking a time HERE

I want to work on projects in common so in order to get paid we need to register in Cool Company so I will sign you in as one of our freelancer. Press HERE

We need Holistic Coaches, DeVi Coach, freelancer in Event, and leaders for our individual courses and adventures for 2019. See our Plan for 2019. Press HERE  

Do you want to learn a little more, come to our free training on ABF Sveavägen 41 Stockholm. Monday and Thursday at 18 00 to 20 00 with a break during summer holiday
2019 is the year of Expansion and we need leaders in all areas, you will choose what area what is suitable for you. We will Join in mastermind groups where we develop and structurize all projects both on an individual level as well if you want to be part and become a leader for Klubb Vida Sana or Bbeabridge. Simplifying for Future.

We have a group of Coaches and mentors ready, are you ready? Press here for MORE INFO